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Crewing Services
The Crew is one of the most important parts of the successful ship management. Well-trained and qualified officers and ratings engaged onboard    will ensure the effective maintenance, implementation of a safety    management system, Owner’s benefit and reputation in maritime industry.

For your entire crew placement needs, we are ready to accommodate you    with    the most qualified seafarers.
Break bulk & Brokering
Choosing a ship broker and ship brokerage house means creating confidence- and GRT, with an industry-wide reputation that spans five decades of service to the Shipping community from our offices in Colombo Port, has the resources and experience you demand.

Our ship brokers know boats, know the business, and know how to bring you to the any type of ships that perfectly complements your family and your lifestyle.
Freight forwarding

 Freight forwarding services guarantee that products will get to the proper destination by an agreed upon date, and in good condition.

The freight forwarding service utilizes established relationships with carriers of all kinds, from air freighters and trucking companies, to rail freighters and ocean liners. Freight forwarding services negotiate the best possible price to move the product along the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one that best balances speed, cost and reliability.